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Talent Philosophy: laying equal stress on integrity and ability, recruiting able people without overstressing seniority, giving full scope to the talents, and putting the right person to the right position.

Laying equal stress on integrity and ability—Ability is the qualification of a person with integrity for his job and only a person with integrity can lead able persons. “Integrity” means having basic qualities, while“ability”means having the basic abilities for a job. As the saying goes, everyone has his strong and weak points. Although we do not try to seek a person having both integrity and ability, we consider integrity as the first requirement and try to construct a talent structure with both integrity and ability by improving ability with integrity and cultivating integrity with ability.

Recruiting able people without overstressing seniority—We bring forth some new ideas in talent recruiting, and try to recruit able people without overstressing seniority. We have been vigorously training innovative professionals and constantly strengthening the talent team to support our sustainable development by continuing to broaden the channels to find talents.

Giving full scope to the talents—As everyone has his strong and weak points, we try to explore and give full play to everyone’s strengths to maximize the integration of human resources so that we can provide a strong impetus for our rapid, healthy and sustainable development.

Putting the right person to the right position—We try to find out each employee's personality traits with our insight to put each employee to its most appropriate position so that they can make best use of their advantages and bypass their disadvantages.

We, Panda Lighting, consider talents as our most precious resources. Based on the principle of "Talents First, People-Oriented”, we have formed a complete set of talent mechanism of "attaching importance to talents, loving talents, developing talents, using talents, retaining talents and improving talents" to strive to achieve the ultimate goal of "harmony, win-win situation and common development" with the mission of employees growing with the company.

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